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femea-Rayka | Sheltie Rivers


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Sheltie Rivers Rayka Rich Reward

Apresentada pelo handler Paulo Galter

Rayka com 40 dias


Scaramouche Never Mind
Gr.Panam.Ch/Int.Ch. Mercury’s Saturday Night
Am.Ch.Cameo Farms Friday Night
Am/Can.Ch. Alfenloch Ryan O’ Neal
Am.Ch.Mainstay Cameo Farms model
Mercury’s Indian Time
Am.Ch.Lakehill On The Road Again
Mercury’s It’s About Time
Roma In Red of Sheltie Rivers
Pound Daky Shetmar
Dakota’s Blowing Winds
Lady Van Mar
Baby do Vale das Colonias
Donlyn’s Renegade
Splendor’s Sheltie Cherry
Ch./Gr.Ch.Radiant Rebecca of Sheltie Rivers
Ch.Sir Little John da Estação do Cão.
Beckward Megawatt
Beckward Moonlight Serenade
Beckward Be Dazzled O’ Boreen
Beckward High Ideals
Am.Ch.Macdega Asterisk
Beckward Charlie Too
Ch.Rachel Welsh 
O’ Sheltie Rivers
Ch.Eros Caroline de Colliourdes
Donlyn’s Renegade
Windhaven Caroline
Baby do Vale das Colonias
Donlyn’s Rnegade
Splendor’s Sheltie Cherry